Charisse: Pressing For Growth

One of the most difficult aspects of adulthood is having to confront and unlearn some of the things we were taught as children. More often than not, life compels us to explore an alternative method or point of view. The practices and beliefs we became comfortable with in our youth don’t always continue to work for us as we age — such is the nature of growth. For Charisse, finding and experiencing growth in her personal life was hardly a problem. A native of San Jose, California, she flipped coasts and attended Howard University in Washington D.C. as an undergrad. After Read More

A Heart-to-Heart in Support of Women’s Health

February is not only a time to celebrate and show appreciation for our sweethearts, it’s also a time to remind ourselves of the importance of our actual hearts. As we take time to recognize American Heart Month, it’s imperative that we remember just how much maintenance and care the most important muscle in our body really needs. Heart disease and stroke kill 1 in 3 American women – more than all cancers combined. With that said, 80% of heart disease is preventable through diet and exercise. It’s truly as simple as making a choice to dedicate yourself to healthier living. Below Read More

Self Love Discovered Through the “Big Chop”

Five years ago at a professional conference, two ladies were thrown together as roommates. Like newfound friends, the ladies stayed awake all night chatting about life and getting to know one another. In the midst of this late night pow wow, one roommate shared with the other about her natural hair journey and the struggles she was facing during her transition. The next day — still giddy from staying up late — the two ladies hurried to nearest salon, grabbed styling scissors and clipped away the relaxed hair. Before they knew it, the “Big Chop” was complete, the transformation was Read More