Find Out Why They Call This Woman @VotedBestHair!

Open. Honest. Insightful. Those are three words describing what people look for in those they listen to for advice. There are also three words that describe natural hair blogger and YouTuber Alicia, better known as @VotedBestHair (clever right?). She started her YouTube channel in 2012 with the mission to evaluate her own passions and share them with the world one video at a time. Things that some may view as too personal or wouldn’t dare share, Alicia has shared with grace and humility in hopes that sharing pieces of her life to viewers would not only be relatable, but also Read More

A Vlogger’s Hair Challenge

As naturalistas, we can all agree that the natural hair journey is not the easiest road to travel. Being a naturalista is more than just being relaxer-free, it’s a newfound identity for some of us. We learn to love ourselves without any enhancements and allow the world to see us for who we are naturally, which is not an easy task. Ashley Singleton, a Virginia native and natural hair vlogger, can attest to the challenges of the natural hair journey. Ashley began her natural hair journey in 2005 during her senior year of high school, just as she was transitioning Read More

Fit Queen’s Natural Hair Journey

It’s flattering to get a compliment on occasion from friends, your significant other or even a stranger. But when your mom gives you a compliment, it has a different, more lasting effect. One of our most loyal Funky Junkies can attest to this truth. Five years ago, Funky Junky Kerri Swain, a Houstonian and naturalista, washed her hair after a workout. For convenience and ease, she decided to let her hair air dry – something she did seldomly. That same day, her mother visited her and to Kerri’s surprise, she immediately complimented Kerri on how beautiful her natural curls were. Kerri had been toying with Read More