iknowleee: How I Knew It Was Time To Cut My Hair

I’ve honestly had the urge to cut my hair for an extremely long time. It wasn’t until very recently that I realized I was holding on to it because the people around me wanted to –– specifically my mother. She’d always raised us to skirt the stereotype of the “typical” black girl. She didn’t want us to wear weave, insisted that we take proper care of our hair, and absolutely forbade us to wear it short. Her girls were always the black girls with long hair — it was a source of pride for her. She truly believed it was our crown. Read More

Kala’s Big Chop!

“What made you cut your hair?”  “Why would you want to start over?” These were questions I was consistently asked after announcing that I was planning a Big Chop (BC) on my 32nd birthday. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat — virtually every social media platform I had a presence on — had a theme of, “Why is Kala cutting off her hair?” Honestly, I expected a few questions, but not as many I as received. In addition to the questions, there were requests from followers to not move forward with the cut — to call it off! I didn’t realize how invested others were in my hair journey. Yet, as Read More