Renee’s Corner: We Are #HoustonStrong

For those of you who may not know, Houston, TX has been home to the Uncle Funky’s Daughter brand since inception. We have a long history in this city, and we are very proud to call it home. Just a couple of weeks ago, Hurricane Harvey took Houston by storm. In the days leading up to the hurricane, we prepared our Houston-based operations for the storm, but never did we imagine the damage it would cause to our beloved city. As the storm made its wrath on our city, we were part of the first wave of deliveries to the Read More

Charisse: Pressing For Growth

One of the most difficult aspects of adulthood is having to confront and unlearn some of the things we were taught as children. More often than not, life compels us to explore an alternative method or point of view. The practices and beliefs we became comfortable with in our youth don’t always continue to work for us as we age — such is the nature of growth. For Charisse, finding and experiencing growth in her personal life was hardly a problem. A native of San Jose, California, she flipped coasts and attended Howard University in Washington D.C. as an undergrad. After Read More

Reaching Out, Giving Back

The most important facet of the human experience is our capacity to give. In fact, the very fabric of our society is held together by the seams of charity and humility; when those traits are in play, especially (but certainly not limited to) times of dire need, our world is a much kinder and more comfortable place in which to reside. Humanitarian causes and leaving a positive imprint on the world are one of the values we hold dearest to our hearts here at Uncle Funky’s Daughter. So when our hometown of Houston, Texas was stricken with damaging and devastating Read More