Renee’s Corner: 3 Things My Mom Taught Me About Motherhood

Growing up as the youngest daughter in the family created a special bond between my mother and me. As I watched her go through different highs and lows throughout her life, it taught me lessons that remain ingrained in me today. This past weekend, we all celebrated our mothers in our own special way. Some of us also celebrated being a mom (I celebrated by spending a day in relaxation!). As I reflect on Mother’s Day, I’m always thoughtful of the things my mother taught me growing up. Here are just three of those things… Your Kids Come First: I have interpreted this Read More

Making Your Other Siginificant: How I Took My Husband On a Natural Hair Journey

Going natural, or as most of us like to say, returning to natural, can be a huge decision for any woman to make. While some may dismiss the importance of it – think anyone who has ever told you “it’s just hair!” – the fact of the matter is, as a woman, and especially as a woman of color, it’s so much more than that. A woman’s hair is very much her glory; it speaks to her personality, shows diversity, and distinguishes her from the crowd. So making the decision to transition to natural or do a big chop is Read More