Beauty Boss Chronicles: tendrils and curls™️

Life is a perpetual cycle presented with a bevy of paths and choices to make, each bearing the potential to change your life in numerous ways. For Paula Chrishon, the option of following the road to a profession in the beauty world was ever-present, as her mother had made her own career doing the same. “I have really fond memories of my mother owning a beauty supply store when I was much younger,” Paula recalls fondly. Still, she initially resisted, as most children do, and sought to carve out her own path in the world. She earned her Ph.D. in Read More

Patience Pays Off

It’s every curly girls’s worst nightmare: waking up in a hotel room the morning of a business meeting, beginning the readying process, and realizing you somehow managed to leave home without your products! In the summer of 2016, this scenario became a real-life dilemma for Tracy, an anthropologist and college professor. In the midst of pouring rainfall, she realized she’d left her Curly Magic back in Baltimore. Tracy was in North Carolina for a conference, and she needed a solution — and fast. Tracy quickly conducted an internet search for the closest available retailer to purchase her Curly Magic, but without a Read More

2016: The Year in Review

In so many ways, 2016 has truly been a year for the books. Personally, my family grew — making us now a party of six when we go out to dine! As some of you may have read in my earlier blog, we welcomed our fourth child (yep…you read correctly FOURTH CHILD), Laura, into the world in April. She’s approaching nine months and is the happiest baby in the world…and chocked full of personality. She may be the biggest diva yet in our family! More broadly, 2016 exposed our global community to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We Read More