Bye-Bye Buildup; Hello Beard Care!

June is Men’s Month here at Uncle Funky’s Daughter! In lieu of Father’s Day, we are taking some time out to acknowledge and celebrate the men in our families. We’ll be chatting you guys up on beard care and how men can use UFD products for their hair, too! Hopefully our fierce, female Funky Junkies have it in their hearts to share their #GoodFunkyStuff with you … but we’re hoping to provide some inspo for you to grab your own! Aside from celebrating the fathers in the UFD community, we’ll be featuring some of you fellows out there and providing Read More

Skin Care: New Season, New Routine

We’ve officially made it through the winter season, and are heading right into the thick of spring. For a lot of us, winter can be one of the toughest times of the year on our skin. You may not realize it, but adapting your skin care routine to the season is a huge facet in the maintenance of beautiful, healthy skin. I’ve been working in the aesthetics field for almost 6 years, and I love to advise my clients on the importance of knowing their skin type and how to care for it. In general, your skin type is categorized into four basic varieties: Read More