How to Get the Perfect ‘Fro with Uncle Funky’s Daughter Products

Is anyone else happy the ‘fro is back? We scroll Instagram and see tons of ringlets, protective styles and wet looks… but the afro hadn’t been getting much glory until more recently. Viral social media posts like those from @afropunk’s ‘Afro of the Day’ series and inspiring beauties like Ebonee Davis, are sparking interest in the style we thought was forgotten about. Wanna know how to achieve the look with Uncle Funky’s Daughter? Read on! Healthy Hair First Embracing your natural hair can be a challenge in itself, and establishing a regimen is even more difficult. UFD’s goal is to Read More

Karen H: Many Miles, Many Styles

Change — a word that strikes fear into the hearts of many an individual. Even if you consider yourself a generally open-minded person, at some point in your life, you’ve actively resisted even the slightest deviation or departure from the familiar confines of your comfort zone. Nowhere in our lives is this apprehension more prevalent than as it pertains to our appearance. Most of us spend a great deal of our adolescence cultivating our look, seeking to discover our style and tailoring it to fit our personality. Once we feel like we’ve nailed it, very rarely do we mess with Read More

Kala’s Big Chop!

“What made you cut your hair?”  “Why would you want to start over?” These were questions I was consistently asked after announcing that I was planning a Big Chop (BC) on my 32nd birthday. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat — virtually every social media platform I had a presence on — had a theme of, “Why is Kala cutting off her hair?” Honestly, I expected a few questions, but not as many I as received. In addition to the questions, there were requests from followers to not move forward with the cut — to call it off! I didn’t realize how invested others were in my hair journey. Yet, as Read More