Jennifer: Pushing Your Limits

What is the meaning of life? It’s the most fundamental philosophical question to ever be posed, and one that can not only invoke several different answers, but even twice as many questions. We spend a large bulk of our existence trying to decipher and make sense of our behaviors, beliefs and principles. For Jennifer, taking up the practice of yoga opened her eyes to a new way of looking at herself and the world around her. Like many others, she took her first yoga lesson under the auspice of simply needing a way to decompress and relieve stress. Instead she found a Read More

Valerie Owens: A Tale of Two Grooves

It doesn’t take much explanation to understand that the job requirements for courtroom stenographers and a yoga instructor are vastly and intrinsically different. Even still, they do share at least one common thread – there’s a level of physical and mental dexterity needed to excel in both fields.   Having that type of flexibility has been important to Valerie Owens for as long as she can remember. Court reporter by day, dedicated yogi anytime else, Valerie has juggled both roles with expert elasticity and deftness. “I love doing yoga, I love instructing, and I love the professional piece of court reporting and being around Read More