Curly Hair Product Quiz

1. My Curl Pattern Is:
Well Put Together aka Kinky Hair aka Type 4
Whole Lotta Body aka Curly Hair aka Type 3
Frizzy Gillespie aka Wavy Hair aka Type 2
2. What is your desired hair condition?
I want to add moisture
I want more conditioning/softness
I want to maintain a moisturized curly wet look
I want to define my curls/reduce frizz
I want to elongate my curls
I want to comb out/detangle easily
I want to refresh and deodorize my hair
3. What is your desired styling result?
I want to achieve a wash and go style
I want to achieve a twist out
I want to wear a two strand twist style
I want to achieve a comb twist or coil out style
I want to add shine
I want to condition and revitalize my curls
I want to achieve a soft, frizz-free style
I want a firm hold
Product Details...
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Curly Magic Extra Butter Glossy Good Hair
Rich & Funky Richee Rich Supercurl Thirsty Curl