Get Flawless Curls with Curly Magic

The best thing about magic is that it provides instant satisfaction to achieve the impossible! Curly Magic by Uncle Funky’s Daughter is the perfect gel to give us curly girls the magic we’re all looking for! Curly Magic can be used in a plethora of ways to achieve defined, elongated, long-lasting and moisturized curls from twist outs to wash n go’s! The options are endless, and this my friends, is why it’s called Curly Magic. 

“Curly Magic is the perfect gel to give us curly girls the magic we’re all looking for!”

Of course, we can always go the traditional route and use Curly Magic gel to achieve the perfect wash n’ go. It’s best to start off with clean, detangled and soaking wet hair, to achieve maximum definition. I put my hair into manageable sections, and first apply a dollop of UFD Extra Butter Brilliant Shine Crème to my section. Extra Butter is a thick creamy moisturizer, that is the perfect base to add definition, and moisture to protect your hair, especially during the cold winter months. Next, I make an even smaller section and grab one pump (yes, one pump is more than enough!) and I apply it to my hair.  To achieve maximum definition, I prefer to do the shingling method, defining curl by curl. Yes, this is a bit time consuming, but if done properly, can last up to 7+ days! Curly Magic has so much slip because of the aloe vera and marshmallow extract, that it allows you to style your hair with ease. Allow your hair to air dry — sit under a hooded dryer or use a diffuser. Once 100% dried, fluff your hair to your liking and rock it out! You will come out with soft, defined, long lasting curls!

Extra Butter Brilliant Shine Crème compliments Curly Magic for twist outs.

I also love Curly Magic to set my twists in place. Who knew a gel could be so versatile?! I prefer starting off with clean, detangled, damp hair before styling to receive my best definition and to ensure my style last for 7+ days. When doing a twist out, I put my hair into manageable sections, and apply Thirsty Curls Leave-In Curl Revitalizer to each section. Don’t be fooled by a spray-on leave-in revitalizer. This is packed with moisture, yet lightweight and won’t weigh your hair down. After spraying a few pumps of the leave-in revitalizer, I do the “praying hands” method, smoothing the product onto my hair, from ends to roots. Next, I grab a small to medium section and apply one pump of Curly Magic to my hair, detangle and tightly twist my hair and coil the ends for the perfect curl. Once my hair is fully twisted, I allow my hair to fully dry, unravel and gently separate. Curly Magic makes separating my hair a breeze, because you can easily see where your hair naturally wants to separate. The Curly Magic also gives me amazing definition and movement. 

Here are two easy ways to style your hair with the help of Curly Magic. I am able to achieve different styles, with the same product, making Curly Magic my go-to product to achieve perfect curls! Check Out My #CurlyGirlMagic on YouTube Featuring a Two Strand Twist!

How do you use your #CurlyMagic? Let me know in the comments below?

Bria Larine

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