Are You Conditioning Enough?

As we begin to transition into summer weather, a lot of us naturalistas find it fitting to rejuvenate our curls for the heat ahead. It’s extremely important to prepare our curls for the (new) stress they’re about to endure in the summer months, and it’s necessary to switch up or add to our routines. One way to do that is by deep conditioning.

Happy curls at home = happy curls on the go! Deep conditioning once a week helps!

Deep conditioning is important because…well…life happens. Our hair is constantly exposed to sunlight, humidity, moisture, and other elements. Not to mention, we just do stuff to it — color it, blow dry it and sometimes straighten it with heat. All of these things don’t exactly help our hair become healthy, and can sometimes strip it of all the things it needs to grow and flourish. Deep conditioning helps us get some of that back, keep us on the right track and put us back in our curls’ good graces.

With all that said, here are a few tips for deep conditioning we should all adhere to.

The Do’s:
  1. Deep condition at least one per month. If you’re heat styling, we would recommend you deep condition more frequently than monthly
  2. Evenly distribute the conditioner through your hair, focusing on the ends of the hair (very important, as we often neglect the ends!)
  3. Cover the hair with a plastic cap to help the conditioner penetrate the scalp and hair
  4. Use steam or heat to open up your pours and enable the conditioner to further penetrate and your hair can get the FULL benefit of the mask you’re using
  5. Consider warming up your conditioner using a hot cup of water to further enhance the absorption effects
The Don’ts:
  1. Don’t slop it on. Take the time to apply your conditioner properly, dividing your hair into sections and working it through your hair using your fingers or a comb
  2. Don’t rush it. If you’re going to take the time to apply a deep conditioner, at least give it enough time to work! A deep conditioner should be left on no less than 5 minutes to enable the product to penetrate the hair and do it’s magic
  3. Conversely, don’t over do it! You may think leaving the conditioner on longer than directed gives our hair more of an opportunity to absorb its contents. Wrong! It’s recommended to not exceed 30 minutes in one sitting

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Learn something new everyday, right?

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We hope this helps you in your weekly hair regimen and feel free to let us know about your conditioning routine in the comments. We’d love your feedback!


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