Our Formulation Philosophy

It doesn’t take an archaeologist to know that caring for ourselves and our planet equals a more fulfilled life for our generation and future generations. We do our best to make Uncle Funky’s Daughter formulations as natural as possible without compromising performance and quality. Our chemists make smart, responsible raw material choices and, whenever possible, we use materials from renewable plant resources such as aloe, coconut and olive as our formulation bases.

Friendly to Animals & Our Planet

Our dedication to natural products shows up in everything we do. True to our belief that animal testing is so barbaric not even a caveman would do it, Uncle Funky’s Daughter products are never tested on animals. Our products are tested on models and mannequins for quality, stability and performance before they make it to market. Uncle Funky’s Daughter products are packaged with recyclable HDPE packaging with removable parts. Our products are packaged and shipped using 100% recyclable materials - with cornstarch peanuts as the sole packing material. Cornstarch peanuts are biodegradable packing materials which are water soluble and can easily be disposed of in a sink, tub, compost setting, or garden. Within our order fulfillment center in Houston, Texas over 80% of our waste is recycled each day, reducing our carbon footprint.  

We are committed to making this world a better place for you and me.